Four Mages fight against Ascension’s enemies within New Orleans’ French Quarter.

After The Week of Nightmares, the onslaught of the Avatar Storm, and the devastation of the Sixth Great Maelstrom… The Wyld, The Weaver, and The Wyrm foresee an oncoming Paradigm Shift in their delicate and parallel transistatic existences.

Now, all the players in the World of Darkness prepare themselves…

The Vampiric Sects prepare for Gehenna. The tribes of The Garou fight against the coming Apocalypse. The Council of Nine, The Technocratic Union, and the Nephandi are presented with all the paths (or lack thereof) to Ascension. Finally, all Wraiths, Changelings, Hunters, newly released Demons, Mummies, and the Orpheus Group itself are tasked with bearing witness to The Time of Judgment

Will this indeed be The Time of Judgment for those who dwell in the World of Darkness?
Or will Ascension bring salvation to all…?

Mage: The Ascension - French Quarter, LA

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