Mage: The Ascension - French Quarter, LA

Monday, August 06

The Cabal Grows Stronger

After the death of the SWAT Officer, the mages disperse from the Treasure Chest Casino assured by Gabe that some people named “The Cleaners” would take care of the body.

Charles and Marcus return to their safehouses to reflect on their current predicament and the future of the Cabal.

A day passes…

A man named Loballo arrives from South America, the fates directing him towards New Orleans.

It’s dark when he arrives, so Loballo holds up in an alley and waits for the sun to rise.

He consumes some birds and rats to sustain himself.

When day breaks he begins to drum and meditate earning some money in the process.

As the day begins Suchart Li arrives in New Orleans by way of train.

He disembarks and heads towards Woldenberg Park.

Before Li left Los Angeles under the direction of his martial arts master (Master An Yu) he’d revealed that Woldenberg Park is a node under the control of the Akashic Brotherhood.

Li arrives at the park and begins to meditate.

Gabe and Charles wake up and get in contact with each other, deciding that they should go “shopping” for some weapons.

They arrive at the James H Cohen & Son gun store.

Charles buys some rifle ammo and then steals a gun for Gabe by flicking a quarter at a gun rack and causing a small diversion.

They are, however, chased from the store.

Still needing ammo for Gabe’s gun the two mages cross the river and do direct business with the James H Cohen & Son gun store’s chief rival Gretna’s Gun Works.

Charles decides he needs a change of clothes and swipes some threads from a nearby thrift store, while Gabe waits outside.

As he exits he notices a drummer near an alley and can sense that the monstrous looking man is not a Sleeper.

Meanwhile, in Woldenberg Park, Li makes direct contact with his Avatar and it instructs him to follow its lead.

Li travels across the river as he’s led to Gretna’s Gun Works.

As he nears the three other mages his Avatar merges with the Mississippi River and motions towards the three assembled men.

Charles’ eidetic memory snaps into action as all the new pieces of data knit together. He deduces that the drummer and the monk are more than likely other mages who have been sent to protect the French Quarter.

He introduces himself and Gabe to the two other men and quickly explains the events of the past week in breathtaking accuracy.

Loballo and Suchart Li agree to accompany Gabe and Charles back to the Audubon Zoo to try and deal with the French Quarter’s Marauder cell.

This time the expanded Cabal simply watches the Marauder group.

While that’s going on, Charles slips into the park and tries to hustle a job from the bespectacled park manager, Sam Filter.

He doesn’t find any of the open positions terrible exciting so instead recommends Loballo’s services.

A tentative trial period it set for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the people under the Marauder logo disperse and the Cabal stealthily follows the leader back to his resting grounds, reading his surface thoughts and watching as he retrieves a bag of weed.

When they’re sure he’s not paying attention Loballo emerges, fast talks, and then grabs Stephen with some freshly grown pointed fingernails.

The man freaks thinking Loballo’s a werewolf and bolts.

Charles tries to chase him down, but Stephen magically speeds up his pace to match and then outrun Charles.

Loballo and Charles unload on the man and Stephen is knocked unconscious (with a bullet hole and a prime blast).

Li mentions that Sleepers are starting to notice the commotion, so Charles hops the park’s fence and steals a car using time magic – transgressing the vehicle’s engine to an earlier point when it was on. The air in the vehicle quickly grows cold and the tailpipe shoots out a stream of condensation as Charles’ bends reality.

He then quickly “learns” to drive.

Gabe, Loballo, and Li haul up Stephen and race to the front of the park to meet with Charles.

Charles drives to the front of the park and takes out two signs in the process.

The Cabal loads into the stolen vehicle and yells that they’re taking the man to the hospital and drives away hearing a random Sleeper comment that, “Isn’t the hospital in the other direction?”

Charles, Gabe, Loballo, and Li drive with the unconscious and possibly dying Stephen towards Marcus’ safehouse.



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