Mage: The Ascension - French Quarter, LA

Saturday, August 06

Enter Gaberiel Roget

Charles and Stacey decide catch a cab back to her place.

They stay with each other for the night.

In the morning Charles is confronted by Stacey’s parents.

He lies his ass off and sells them on a child abuse story.

Stacey doesn’t miss a beat and rolls along perfectly with the act.

Then Charles sets out for the Marriott on Canal St to meet up with Marcus.

Gaberiel Roget wakes up in the manager’s office at Larry Flynt’s Barley Legal Club.

He rolls off the floor and contacts Marcus asking, “What’s on the agenda?”

He too sets out for the Marriott on Canal St.

All three mages meet up with each other on one of the top suites.

Chess contacts Marcus and tells him to watch the news.

Charles turns on channel 3 and see a breaking report about missing people and the shut down Arte Indie.

Marcus is shocked. He calls his entire staff and no one knows how the New Orleans PD found out about anything.

Charles even calls Stacey to make sure she’s OK and to ask her some questions (also if a Dr. Robert Davenport is a Professor? He isn’t…)

Gabe pulls out a map and flips his coin onto it. It hits the zoo and the rolls on top of Xavier University.

The three mages depart for the University.

They arrive and try to figure out their predicament.

Charles tries to get enrolled, but he’s turned down due to the fact that it’s the end of the summer quarter and he has no previous records with the University.

Gabe and Marcus contact Dwight Thomas Wates – PhD.

He’s a cool guy and gives them the lowdown on Marauders.

He also directs them to the University’s “Private Library,” giving them the key.

Charles manages to becomes his new # 2 TA a prestigious position that offers zero monetary compensation. Gabe and Charles swap numbers with Dwight Wates.

The three mages make it to the Repository and discover tons of info on Marauders. Password for the computers Marianna of Balador bani Cult of Ecstasy.

The party goes back to Wates and gives him the key to the Repository. Then they set out for the zoo.

They arrive and notice the 5 people under the Marauder logo again.

Gabe and Charles go into the zoo and Charles steals a jacket and Gabe steals a letter opener.

When they comeback out New York PD show up and begin talking to the Marauders.

Charles calls the New Orleans PD on them, but when the local cops arrive they hightail it outta there when one NYPD cop shows him an important badge.

Gabe tires to stealthy listen to the conversation, but is rebuked by one of the NYPD officers.

Eventually, the cops leave and the group breaks up – Marcus heads for his safehouse.

Gabe and Charles follow Stephen.

He leads them back to his place of residence, Louise Armstrong Park. Charles steals a hotdog on the way.

Gabe tries to fool the guy with a rigged card act for tourists, they make some money (not enough though) and then they leave the guy under his tree.

The group reconvenes at the Treasure Chest Casino.

Charles and Gabe gamble (though Bill Boyd doesn’t like it when Mr. Roget gambles) while Marcus gets a little drunk.

After the festivities they head for Gabe’s room to sleep off the excitement and booze.

Then there’s a knock at the door.

A SWAT operative kicks in the door and tries to kill the party.

They kill him instead.

Charles pulls off the man’s mask and the letters G and Q are tattooed onto his neck.



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