Mage: The Ascension - French Quarter, LA

Friday, August 06

The Cabal's Second Day

Charles wakes up.

Draws some quintessence from his node.

Leaves his romantic partner (at the Frenchman Hotel).

Goes to see Marcus. Catches a cab with an Iranian cab driver.

Stops in a fabric store (getting the clerk to show him some fabric that matches the New Orleans Flag) and swipes some money from a mother and her daughter who where planning a wedding.

Arrives at Marcus’ (speaks briefly with Serena).

Marcus is having breakfast.

Chess calls him and tells him to wait for his call.

Charles showers in Marcus’ room and then joins him for breakfast.

Marcus tries to get a hold of Chess.

Charles chats with a nearby couple and plays cards with the husband who turns out to be a shark.

Marcus at last gets a hold of Chess who’s crashed from an speed binge.

He sets up a meeting a Louis Armstrong Park.

Charles and Marcus depart. They catch a ride with a New Jersey cabbie.

They meet up with Jimmy to see if he’s OK.

Jimmy’s fine, in fact, the safe house he’s at was kind enough to provide him with some corn liquor.

Charles and Marcus arrive at Louis Armstrong Park.

They wait for Chess who’s late.

He gets there eventually (breaking his cell in frustration as his bodyguard Clarke rolls his eyes) and gives a manila envelope to Marcus.

Chess leaves and Marcus opens the envelope to find a shirt with a Marauder Logo on it (it’s the shirt the crazy kid was wearing).

Marcus and Charles mull over the information and then decide to revisit the alley where Jimmy shot the crazy kid.

They get there and Charles use his time manipulation to replay the moments the alley has witnessed.

He sees the crazy kid and takes note of when the kid was speaking to another man. Also, sees him stop into the alley previously to smoke a cigarette.

Charles also catches a glimpse of the anti-reality bubble.

After finishing his time magic Charles exhales a few breathes of condensation and tells Marcus what he saw.

Having encountered these types of people before Charles suggests heading to the local zoo to see if the French Quarter is ill with a Marauder cell.

When Charles and Marcus arrive at the Audubon Zoo they spot four people talking around a palm tree with a chalk Marauder logo drawn on it.

Charles drops in on the conversation unseen and takes note of what the four people are discussing.

He catches the name of the oldest Stephen – but doesn’t hear the names of the two younger males and the young female.

Charles relays the information to Marcus who quickly covers their conversation avoiding a confrontation with a fifth member who was lurking behind them.

Charles and Marcus decide to head back to Arete Indie and catch their breath.

Charles stops into a 7-Eleven and expertly steels a Popsicle.

They get to the club and its Friday night so there’s a modest crowd (staff is working – doorman, two bodyguards, two bartenders, and Lisa {event coordinator & audio engineer}).

The two men chill and Charles attracts the attention of another Indie girl.

As the DJ spins Marcus and Charles feel the evening will pass along smoothly, however, another crazy guy shows up.

People and attention move around the man in circles of arcane primordial distraction.

Marcus and Charles lure the man into the back room and attempt to neutralize him.

The man pulls a switchblade and attempts to attack Marcus.

Thanks to their combined effort, however, “The Wolf’s” put out to pasture and both Marcus and Charles escape unscathed.

Charles pours himself two shots and downs them, letting the adrenaline where off, as he rejoins Stacey on the dance floor.

Marcus takes note of another Marauder logo and confiscates Hector’s switchblade.

He then calls his bodyguards, doorman, and Lisa into the backroom and tasks them with disposing of the body.

They bring out a large sack, body bag, hacksaw, and turpentine. Lisa takes note of the procedure.

15 minutes later, Marcus’ crew comes out – the deed having being completed. Lisa seems phased.

Marcus calls to one of his bartenders to call him a cab. 10 minutes later Chess shows up looking better and gives Marcus a brown paper bag with a light .38 special in it.

Chess escorts Marcus to his cab. The cabbie’s short and where’s a fedora

Chess sees Marcus off who travels to the Marriot on Canal St. – Marcus makes sure no one follows him. He’s jumpy and wants to make sure his new safe house is not compromised.

Charles shrugs and goes home with Stacey.



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