Charles Arthur

Former Hollow One who has joined the Cult of Ecstasy as an Initiate / Apprentice of Marcus Boudraux within his Cabal, Arete Productions


Switchblade [Strength + 1] lethal.
Light Pistol (9mm) 4 Lethal, 20 yards, 4 bullet rate, 17+1 round clip, & can be concealed in a Pocket.
Rifle (30.06) 8 Lethal, 200 yards, 1 bullet rate, 5+1 round clip, & cannot be concealed.


Charles was an Orphaned mage who was taught street magic by his by gang leader and mentor in the ways of the Hollow Ones.

Charles’ Awakening:
Charles was supposed to beat up a guy as part of a gang initiation. The guy pulled a gun and Charles reflexively froze and shattered the firearm. Charles’ gang leader (now dead) Alec was an awakened mage and after witnessing the initiation took Charles under his wing.

Charles Arthur

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