Ascended Bolivian Blood Mage


Loballo has merged with his Avatar…

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Loballo saw his small town in Bolivia, and specifically the surrounding jungle, systematically destroyed by large corporations looking to bottle water. When he went to exact his revenge on their field office, he found them allied with Marauders and the Technocracy. As often happens, however, he lost sight of this information in his ensuing bloodlust. All he remembered was that he had something to do in the United States, so he fell asleep in a shipping crate bound for New Orleans. If the Technocracy wishes to bring their destruction onto the wild, then Loballo will bring the wild to them, in the form of his monstrous self.

The hungrier he gets, the more he loses sight of his mission, risking descent into a mindless killing machine. By taking on the aspects of predatory animals, Loballo has also taken on the burden of a powerful killing instinct.


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