Penelope Moon Sharpe

Cult of Ecstasy all the way!


Moon in a good mood, for once

Light Pistol (9mm) 4 Lethal, 20 yards, 4 bullet rate, 10+1 round clip (magazine is California legal and therefore limited to 10-round capacity), & can be concealed in a Pocket.
Nunchaku (one), Str+2 Bashing, can be concealed under a Jacket
Jeep, somewhat beat-up.


Moon, as she insists on being called, is a young woman with a short temper, a cigarette habit, and a distinct grudge against her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Suchart Li. Li left Los Angeles shortly after a fight, a common occurence in their relationship, while Moon was still calming down, and when she couldn’t find him she eventually went to his parents, who told her that his sensei An Yu had sent Li to New Orleans. Recognising An Yu as Awakened, she asked her contacts in the Cult of Ecstasy for a name of someone she could trust in New Orleans, and then threw her belongings in the back of her Jeep and headed out, reasoning that there was probably something interesting going on.

Physically, Moon is average height and weight, with her most notable features being her unnaturally coloured hair (currently a neon pink) and the large tattoo of a lily on her left breast, visible whenever she wears a low-cut top. Awakened will probably recognise the lily as the symbol of the Cult of Ecstasy.


Moon’s awakening

Moon first became aware of a world beyond the physical aged 16, while stoned out of her mind and making out with her new best friend, a transfer student from another highschool. As she explored the edges of this new world, she learned a lot from this friend, and stayed in contact even after she moved away. Moon was drawn to the Cult of Ecstasy as a musician, dancer, and lover of mind-altering substances.

Penelope Moon Sharpe

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